Your Legal Rights when Alleged With Criminal Charges

By | February 5, 2019

When a person is alleged with criminal charges he feels bogged down, irrespective of the truth behind the charges. Hopelessness becomes one of the prominent feelings hovering in the thought process of the person. All the more, if the person has no idea about how to tackle the situation, the intimidation is even severe. Many a times, people who are charged with criminal offence are taken in police custody and are manhandled.

The fundamental rights of the person are even violated in the way they are treated in custody. Irrespective of the truth behind the allegations, people silently suffer the torture and inhuman conditions of the custody. However, this is mainly because they are unaware of their rights. There are laws regarding treatment of under trials, but not everyone is aware and is able to get it enforced. And therefore, it becomes necessary that to know your legal rights and to enjoy the benefits of free and fair trial, leading to favorable judgment, you should hire a criminal lawyer in Vancouver.

A criminal defense lawyer has regular experience of dealing with similar cases and thus he exactly knows what he is able to do for you. The lawyer hired by you is also well versed with the nuances of the law and thus is able to find a way out for you. Moreover, he also keeps you aware of your legal rights. Some of the legal rights that you enjoy when alleged with criminal charges are as follows.

Search and seizure

Every individual has a right that protects his privacy against search or seizure. If you are searched in a manner that is against this right, then your criminal lawyer in Vancouver should be informed of this.

Detention and imprisonment

When you are detained by the police in lieu of alleged criminal charges, it is their duty to inform you of the reasons behind detention. Your right against arbitrary detention protects you from being detained or imprisoned without any genuine reason or clarification.


When arrested and imprisoned, you have the right to know the reason of your arrest. Moreover, despite the allegations made against you, you have a right to talk to a counsel and if your detention is proved unlawful by your criminal defense lawyer in Vancouver, then you are to be released immediately.


Even if you are alleged with criminal charges, but the right of being treated innocent till proven guilty saves you from being treated as a criminal. However, only an experienced criminal lawyer in Vancouver is able to prove you innocent. Moreover, you also have the right of a trial in the earliest possible time.

There are some other right as well that an under trial or an accused should know. And therefore, it becomes all the more necessary that you should hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you and keep you aware of your legal rights. 

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