You can stay in a giant avocado camper for $70 a night

By | July 24, 2019

Holy guacamole! You can finally live in an avocado.

A new “Avo-Condo,” aka an avocado-shaped camper, is available on for the equivalent of only $ 70 USD per night.

Located in Campbell’s Cove Lookout in Sydney, Australia, this “once in a lifetime opportunity” is unfortunately only available between July 31 (National Avocado Day) and August 1.

But for that brief time, the debate between housing and enjoying avocados — the Sophie’s choice of the millennial generation — will be solved.

The “custom-built, self-contained avocado-themed condo” can house two guests and “will be filled with avo-inspired decorations to make this a truly unforgettable place to stay,” according to the listings.

Better still, the camper will be filled with “a personal hamper full of avocado-themed goodies!”

But act fast, as the great avocado is available on a first come, first served basis.

What can we say? Avocado’s are all the rage right now. In fact, this is the latest in a string of headline-making appearances for avocados.

Toast smeared with the fruit is being hyped as an amenity at condo development in Vancouver, Canada. One fan even used the creamy green delight as his weapon of choice during a pair of wacky “armed” bank robberies in Beersheba, Israel.

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