Why the Crow Cannot Grasp the Sheep

By | February 6, 2019

Everyone is desire to get success. How can we to get success? How to get success quickly has become many people’s minds whishes. Thus, in order to look for shortcuts, people tend to imitate successful people what expect to clone successful. However, success never knocks on their door. They are puzzled: why?

In fact, a lot of times, many people do not lacks of diligence and insist, but why they could not get successes? At this time, you need to stop and think about what you can do and what are suitable for you to do. Do not always stare at other people’s success, because of their flame will glare you, which made your direction does not distinguish, so you just want to be somebody else, and not to become yourself. In a word, sometimes, the success is not simple like as the water constantly dripping wears holes in stone. It is not enough like raise us upon hearing the crow of a rooster and practice with the sword. You just need to know about yourself well.

Therefore, the wise man does not copy the success of others, but fully aware of their own to do the right thing, at the right time to the things what they should to do.

There is a very interesting fable: the subduction eagle grasps a sheep, and it also could get the goal. Crow envies for it, so it learns the eagle to grasp the sheep, but the result was that its claws were caught on wool, which is difficult to flee. Shepherd is easy to catch t. Shepherd’s son asked the shepherd: “Why is a raven so easy to get caught?” Shepherd said: “because of it forget what kind of bird it belong to!”

Of course, we cannot negate this crow’s behavior completely. The soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier. Crow was desire to get success and also has ideal to catch sheep, it is not wrong behavior. But the end of crow is very sad, people should take consider into the reason: if crow only knows that it is a crow, no matter how to exercise, he could not learn how to catch the sheep, and it will to do like this. Thus, we should know our advantages.

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