Why exercise is non-negotiable for Bonnie

By | July 10, 2021

From winning The Masked Singer in 2020, to her successful career as a chart-topping singer-songwriter to her role of Bea Nilsson on TV mainstay Neighbours, it’s a small wonder that Bonnie Anderson has had any time in her busy schedule to give her health and wellbeing any thought at all.

But having just left Neighbours in May to focus on her singing career, Anderson says she finally has time to prioritise her daily physical and mental health to make sure she starts each busy day the right way.

“For the past three weeks I have been working with my lifestyle coach, Blake,” says the 26-year-old Melbourne native.

“The first thing I do when I wake up is a 15-minute meditation to clear my mind. I then write a page in my journal, then enjoy a nice little almond latte followed by a green smoothie.”

That’s the mind covered, then. But what about the body?

When it comes to physical health, the always-busy Anderson stresses the importance of committing to a regular routine to stay fit.

That’s not easy for any of us, given the pace of modern life and the rarity of any two days being the same. But it’s all about priorities. We can all find time to do the things we want to do, right? But somehow exercise is the first to be culled when things go busy.

“I train four to five days a week, and these days exercise is a non-negotiable for me,” she says.

“It’s good for the mind, body and soul. Nothing feels better than being healthy.

“In your younger years you take the body you are in for granted, but you have more appreciation for your body as you get older.

“I have always stuck to things that I enjoy and that works for my body.”

Bonnie Anderson on …

Life lessons

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned is definitely to trust my instinct. The other wisdom I live by is to never shut down an opportunity that is going to make you grow.”


“The five foods I can’t live without are greens, salmon, potatoes, bananas and mango.”


“I like to surround myself with inspiring people these days and enjoy taking little health tips and tricks from the people I meet.”


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