Where to anti fungal ear drops

By | May 7, 2020

where to anti fungal ear drops

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Fungal ear infection is an infection of the ear with a fungus. It normally involves the canal that runs from the ear hole to the eardrum the external auditory canal. The medical term for it is otomycosis. This leaflet is about infection of the ear canal otitis externa with a fungus.

It mostly affects people who live in warm or tropical areas. It also often affects people who swim frequently, live with diabetes, or have other chronic medical and skin conditions. Discharge from the ears is one of the most common symptoms and may be different colors. You may see white, yellow, black, gray, or green fluid. A fungus causes otomycosis. There are nearly 60 different species of fungi that may be responsible for this infection.

To evaluate the efficacy of clotrimazole, miconazole and fluconazole in empirical treatment of otomycosis in our tertiary care hospital and to appraise possible better outcome in otomycosis. Two hundred and ninety five patients who presented with clinical otomycosis at our Melmaruvathur Adiparasakthi Institute of medical sciences were incorporated in this study. Two hundred and fourteen patients who satisfied our criteria were recognized and they were randomly alienated into three groups A, B, C. Group A patients were advised to instill clotrimazole ear drops by themselves. Miconazole cream instillation were done by our trained personal in group B patients. Group C patients were advised to use fluconazole ear drops. Patients were educated to keep ear dry and instructed to come for evaluation in first and second week after initial visit. A randomized double blinded prospective study. In the first week, clotrimazole had a good response than miconazole and fluconazole in our patients and in the second week, our patients showed a drastic response in patients instilling flucanozole ear drops compared to those using micanozole and clotrimazole.

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