When does gestational diabetes require insulin

By | June 28, 2020

when does gestational diabetes require insulin

The aim of this Cochrane review was to find out the effectiveness and safety of insulin compared with oral medication or non-pharmacological interventions for the treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus GDM, which is diabetes diagnosed in pregnancy. It also looked at different timings for taking insulin during the day. We collected all the relevant studies May and analysed the data. Usually, diet and lifestyle advice is the first step, and women whose blood glucose remains too high may be treated with insulin, which is normally injected every day. Finding out if other treatment options are as safe and effective as insulin, is important, as these other treatments may be preferred by women who do not want to inject themselves with insulin.

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that is first seen in a pregnant woman who did not have diabetes before she was pregnant. Some women have more than one pregnancy affected by gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes usually shows up in the middle of pregnancy. Doctors most often test for it between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy. Often gestational diabetes can be controlled through eating healthy foods and regular exercise. Sometimes a woman with gestational diabetes must also take insulin. Blood sugar that is not well controlled in a woman with gestational diabetes can lead to problems for the pregnant woman and the baby. Besides causing discomfort to the woman during the last few months of pregnancy, an extra large baby can lead to problems during delivery for both the mother and the baby.

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