When did muscle pain end

By | May 13, 2020

when did muscle pain end

Muscle pain, also called myalgia, is experienced by many. The most common cause of localized muscle pain is overuse or injury of a muscle strain. On the other hand, viral infections like influenza the “flu” may cause systemic muscle pain, as can taking certain medications or having a disease like fibromyalgia or hypothyroidism. Muscle pain can feel different—aching, cramping, stabbing, or burning—depending on what’s behind it. Rarely, a muscle biopsy is required. Once diagnosed, your doctor will devise a treatment plan—one that will hopefully give you the relief you deserve. Due to the numerous potential causes of muscle pain, it’s easiest to divide them into two categories—those related to localized muscle pain and those that lead to systemic muscle pain. Localized muscle pain refers to pain that is focal, or centered around one muscle or group of muscles.

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