What is the flu virus

By | April 30, 2020

what is the flu virus

Further information: Influenza research. In: Conn’s Current Therapy Retrieved 26 September A study looked at data for older people in hospital with the flu during the flu season — in flu U. Images of Influenza Viruses Graphics of generic influenza viruses. Virus, viruses adapt and change what time, and scientists may need to adjust the content of the vaccines each year. Influenzaviruses A, The, C, and D are very similar in overall structure.

Viruses are likely the most abundant organisms on Earth. See Subscription Options Already a subscriber? Archived PDF from the original on 25 January Although the strain of the virus is not thought to spread efficiently between humans, [] [] by mid-April, at least 82 persons had become ill from H7N9, of which 17 had died. Infectious Diseases. Learn how to spot the differences and how to treat the symptoms for a quick recovery.

If R0 of coronavirus is more than Seasonal flu, so Why in Fact the rate of the Flue is so much more than cov19?! Nature Medicine. A virus causes flu, so antibiotics will not cure the illness. Overview Influenza is a viral infection that attacks your respiratory system — your nose, throat and lungs. Another problem is that individuals become infectious before they become symptomatic, which means that putting people in quarantine after they become ill is not an effective public health intervention.

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