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By | March 28, 2019

It is usually said, knowledge is a pot, in which, the more you fill, the thirstier it becomes, the pot of knowledge can never be said to be fully filled. There is so much to learn, even if one keeps on studying for the whole life, then even, he cannot achieve the status of being perfect or a complete genius. Education is something, which a person keeps on learning for the whole life. There are different factors, which contribute towards a healthy and a prosperous living, and education is one of them. One needs to be educated enough to deal with all the matters of his field, making himself the master of the education field he has chosen. But other than the field of work or expertise, one should also try his hands in the different arenas of the industry, learning which acquires less amount of time, plus the sessions are interesting and exciting.

It is generally seen, students studying in school go for vocational courses in their summer or winter holidays. By taking courses in these holidays, not only makes a person do best utilisation of time, but also is a best option to learn something new. In the daily routine of lives, one tend to be so much busy in the usual chores, that one hardly gets time to learn or indulge himself in something new or different. Vocational courses, provides an opportunity to the student to experience something different and interesting, which gives him a break from his daily hectic life. The same not only goes for the students, studying in schools, but courses for vocational education can also be opted by people who are into the service industry. Because, learning has no age, one can start learning, playing piano at the age of five and also at the age of fifty, the only thing required is the zeal and the willingness to learn something new.

Vocational courses, also relates to professional courses, which are for short duration but are credited for producing skilled labour workforce. There are some sectors in the country, which are totally dependent on the courses providing vocational education to the students. The education for the vocational courses is provided by the industrial institutes and the colleges for polytechnic. With the commencement of vocational education in India, its demand and popularity has increased and more of students are applying for vocational courses in the country. Some of the vocational courses, which can be opted by students or anyone, are:

– Courses for learning music and dance
– Hospitality and tourism courses
– Typewriting and stenography courses
– Computer courses including programming and language courses
– Courses for learning different languages like French, Japanese, etc
– Fashion Designing courses
– Courses for communication skills- English speaking and writing courses
– Parlour courses for learning treatments for hair and skin care
– Sewing and stitching courses
– Courses for technicians for repairing mobile, TV, Refrigerator, etc
– Courses for store management
– Secretary courses
– Courses for learning different sports like football, tennis, or basketball

With the increasing demand and adoption of vocational courses by the students, many private and government vocational colleges have got opened. Some of them are:

– ALT Training College
– Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
– Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
– Centre for technology training
– Government M.H. College of Home Science and Science
– Jain Institute of Vocational and Advanced Studies
– Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute Of Technology
– Vivekanand Institute of Hotel& Tourism Management
– Pandit Sunderlal Sharma Central Institute of Vocational Education
– National Institute of Business Management

Therefore, one can say that the education industry is growing and thus the chances for the economic growth of the country are also high, with the production of skilled and talented labour by the colleges and universities of India.

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