Us diet 100 years ego

By | August 5, 2020

us diet 100 years ego

I have no guilt when eating the meat of responsibly raised animal, though I can no longer bring myself to purchase factory meat from overcrowded, over-medicated and diseased farm factories. Dinner parties with friends became elaborate as complicated recipes appeared on tables with greater regularity. Your information until was very helpful and gave me some ideas. As with the crash of , spending skidded to a halt and we ran for cover. Eventually even the most establishment-entrenched conservatives became curious.

People go to crazy lengths to lose a few pounds, especially at this time of year. And for every warning we get from nutrition experts that “diets don’t work,” five new diet fads pop up like hydra-headed monsters, exhorting us to eat more of one thing and less of another, to cleanse ourselves or to return to our caveman roots. But as wild as some of the diet strategies we use today may seem, they pale in comparison to the kinds of diets we were trying a century ago. Here are a few of the weirder ones. Your mother probably told you to chew your food more, most likely as a precaution to avoid choking. But Horace Fletcher, a Victorian industrialist who became a health enthusiast in his later years, saw chewing as the answer to weight loss and plenty of other health benefits.

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