This is How You Harness Your Divine Feminine, According to Goop

By | July 8, 2021

We often take sacred, spiritual practices for granted when it comes to healing, living in the moment, and realizing our truest potential. We are soulful beings who often play with energy. This is no different when it comes to our spiritual practice. According to the experts at Goop, we have both feminine and masculine energies. We often struggle to find the balance between both and are sometimes shamed for embracing our inner feminine. When it comes to life, happiness, joy, pleasure, and success, embracing our inner divine feminine can help us feel at peace in our souls and in our bodies.

The feminine is often softened, grounded, and nurturing. She trusts her intuition. The sacred masculine is present, logical, protective, and present. It’s important to dig into both so that you embrace all that the universe has to offer, so your soul grows and has experienced. Of course, it’s often the divine feminine that we forget to embrace, rather than the masculine. We decided to do some research to figure out exactly what to do to dig into our divine feminine and masculine. Keep reading for more!

divine feminine
Image: Haley Lawrence via Unsplash

This is How You Harness Your Divine Feminine, According to Goop

1) Morning rituals

These will help you engage with your intuition, according to Goop. Connect with yourself, meditate, take the time to say thank you to your body. This will help you go through your day with more intention, pause, and vision. You will feel so at peace that nothing will be able to bring you down. This is the correct way to embrace your divine feminine.

2) A sacred space

Having a sacred space helps you ground yourself. This can be a little altar with a meditation pillow, a crystal, a candle, or more. Meditation helps with mindfulness and living in the present moment. These are the keys to embracing your divine feminine.

3) Have the practice to grow in your spirituality

If you haven’t tried breathwork, journaling, or meditation, it might be the key to balancing the divine feminine and masculine. Drink some tea, awaken your spirit, and get into any one of these practices so you can hold yourself accountable for taking care of your body. Dancing and doing yoga can also help tremendously when it comes to you being aware of your divine feminine. Let go of your ego and begin to be one with Mother Earth.

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