The Way Technology Has Interpret To Indulge Mankind

By | July 12, 2018

People are so much persuaded by the use of technology these days that now at every moment someone is equipped with latest gadgets or devices. These gadgets are very expensive and if thought for a second we have been made dependant on it by our own choice. These devices are important but only to an extent. Life was going smoothly even when cellular phones were not as common as they are now.

Computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, palmtops etc. are all not necessary gadgets and our life won’t stop if we stop using them. These devices are extremely expensive and we are obligatory to fill our lives with them, yet we have been made to believe that these devices are essential in our lives.

Moreover the use of technology has influenced us so much that now days we are surrounded by these devices some are of our use while there are a few which are utterly useless to us or it is diverting our interests to some other things.

Though technology has also helped us in numerous ways and is a blessing for mankind as it evolved many beneficial things for us. The most useful and serviceable task accomplished by the modern technology was to reduce unemployment. It made very easy for people to get jobs over the internet with convenience and ease.

Apart from many males some educated house wives also got the chance to gain some advantage from the technology. As in today’s world it has created the whole universe a global village where we all can send and receive information within seconds at absolutely free of cost, who from yester years could have ever thought that such thing could have been accomplished one day.

Well the role of technology in reducing unemployment is greatly increasing as now there are many organizations over the internet which is offering people to get jobs while sitting at home. These include jobs such creative writing, become an online tutor, application developer or website developer and also jobs related to website marketing etc.

This has helped many people and especially women as it has opened an opportunity for them to gain extra cash while sitting at home and many women have benefitted from this mode. Different housewives living in different countries have enjoyed being an online tutor as this is a job they can easily do and in return get some good amount of money which is always obliged by housewives whether eastern or western.

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