The WandaVision Episode 7 Post-Credits Scene, Explained

By | February 20, 2021

The following story contains spoilers for WandaVision Episode 7.

  • WandaVision Episode 7 featured the show’s first post-credits scene—a Marvel Cinematic Universe signature.
  • The scene was certainly welcomed. But it asks a lot of questions and gives very little answers.
  • Mostly, we’re just excited for next week. But here’s a stab at what all went down.

    Ever since Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) told Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) that he wanted to talk to him about The Avenger Initiative way back in 2008, the post-credits stinger scene has been a signature move of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What a better way to tease what’s next to come? WandaVision, the MCU’s first foray into streaming series on Disney+, didn’t give into the post-credits scene temptation for its first six episodes, but couldn’t hold out any more after Episode 7, giving fans a tiny bit of catnip to pick at for the next six days until the penultimate episode.

    The scene takes place not long after Agnes (Kathryn Hahn)—who was revealed to be Agatha Harkness, manipulating and interfering with events of the series all along—broke up the confrontation between Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris) on Wanda’s front lawn.

    While we saw what happened when Agnes took Wanda into her house, the post-credits scene shows us what happened outside. Monica, ever the investigator, ran over to Agnes’ house to see what was going on. She inspected the driveway and the garage, finding nothing, before giving way to her basement doors. She opened them, seeing a bunch of purple glowing magic witch stuff (excuse the lack of proper diction, but that’s what it looks like!).

    Her eyes glowing with her newfound powers, Monica was probably just as confused with seeing all of this as we were when a voice to her left started talking. “Snooper’s gonna snoop,” a possessed “Pietro” (Evan Peters) said into her ear, clearly under Agatha’s influence. Monica turned her head, and the scene cuts to black. We’ll see you next week, the Marvel Cinematic overlords tell us.

    So what’s really happening here?

    This credits scene kind of serves as a second episode cliffhanger (after our big Agatha Harkness reveal), rather than any sort of big revelation. Most importantly, though, we’ll probably find Monica and Wanda imprisoned, tied up, whatever, in the same place. And maybe at that point Wanda will realize that they’re on the same side.

    But what about Pietro?

    "pietro" marvel studios post credits

    Marvel Studios

    Ah, yes. Pietro. Or should we say “Pietro”? That’s the big mystery here, isn’t it? Earlier in the episode, Wanda told Tommy and Billy that the person they thought was their uncle was not, in fact, their uncle. And, with that end of episode reveal, she was proved right: we saw the Pietro at Wanda’s door possessed with Agatha’s purple magic. And that makes sense, given that he seemed to be snooping for information in the back end of Episode 6.

    Still, though, it makes us wonder how Agatha conjured up this version of Pietro (“Pietro”) into Westview. Our best guess? It’s not Pietro Maximoff, Wanda’s brother from the MCU, but it is Peter Maximoff, the Quicksilver of FOX’s X-Men movies. Agatha could have conjured him up from a different universe—because our Pietro is dead, after all—and filled his head with all the information she could find about Wanda’s late brother. All while keeping him under her oversight, of course. How did she conjure him up? Well…

    What’s in the basement?

    wandavision post credits scene episode 7

    Marvel Studios

    Good question. Damn good question. Honestly: who the hell knows? But let’s take a shot in the dark here. We saw the basement filled with all sorts of magic, purple-colored branches, and some sort of locked-up, enchanted book.

    We also saw Señor Scratchy down there, a return from an early-season episode, and the bunny was being pet by Agnes.

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    Put these things together, combined with the earlier-episode reference to Nexus—Scarlet Witch is a Nexus Being, meaning she can travel as herself within worlds and dimensions—and there would seem to be a chance that Agnes’ basement is some sort of portal to the multiverse. Did she use a spell from the book to conjure up the “Pietro” from another world—Peter, from the X-Men world—to continue her long con on Wanda?

    Let’s also think about that bunny’s name. Señor Scratchy. SS. Stephen Strange. Did the good Doctor have a losing struggle against Agatha before we even saw, and wind up transformed into a bunny? Baby steps, we know. But just tossing it out there. Just tossing it out there.

    Let’s just get to next week and start answering some more of these questions, shall we?

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