The Two Important Factors In The Creation Of Travel Press Releases

By | February 5, 2019

Press release has become a major part of any online business that craves to succeed. Many bloggers source their stories from press releases and publications like that. The use and acceptance of PR has made it one of the basic medium through which businesses reach their customers directly. Considering the wide audience that will be reached and the much more people that will get access to it you will have to ensure that it is passing the right news and will also prompt the intended action from readers.

How do you do this? When your travel press releases are ready to be sent, go through it one more time to re-check its newsworthiness and optimization. These are the things you wouldn’t like to get wrong as they stand to be the backbone of the success of your PR.


The newsworthiness of a story involves a few more things. How important is your story to the audience? Does it treat issues in their lives that can’t be gotten elsewhere or is it just another alternative measure that can be overlooked? What are the effects or consequences of the news on your customers, the community and the general public? If they take action or perhaps accept your story will it help them positively? Do your company or brand you represent stand to benefit in any way? What are their benefits? Is this actually what they want or are you getting the wrong response?

As far as the newsworthiness of a PR is concerned you have to ensure that none of these questions has a negative answer. There are stages in the creation of travel press releases and submission and each stage demands some time and commitment if things are to be done well. Therefore, you have to pay adequate attention and ensure that you get things right at this creation stage.


While these are travel press releases, which will eventually land on the laps of many, what is the need going through the problem of optimizing the content? Yes, I thought so too. But the first thing that came to my mind was that if the article marketing we do online everyday requires optimization to get through many readers, then maybe we have to help the media more by making sure that our PR reaches places that even the media itself never thought of. Now how about that?

Good!  Keyword optimization is an important part of anything you publish on the internet. This is one way of ensuring that your press release shows up in the search results of the millions of internet users using Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. You have to start your optimization from the PR title. Don’t just write out the name of your company and the product they are about to launch with some intriguing catchy words. No! You can be more creative than that. Find a way to ‘chip-in’ those keywords you know people will use to get close to your PR and make it rock.

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