The Story between Fox and Oil Tank

By | March 22, 2019

There was a fox breaking into a village that no one in the house. He was hungry and very need to eat something. Then it found a deep oil tank. “I have to find a way to drink the oil.” Fox walked in front of the tank, and tried the best to plug its head into the tank. It was very happy that it drunk the oil very successfully. Suddenly the owner came back, the fox had no way, and it was too late to retract his head, then it ran with the tank, until it had fled to the river and said: “Tank, you can let me go!”

However, the oil tank firmly set in its head and could not be got down. Fox has thought to get its head out if the tank could be frozen, so he went to in front of the hole of ice, and put its head together with the tank drilled into the water. The tank was very heavy, and soon sank into the water, so the fox covered the tank was drowned.

Therefore, we can know that cunning people do very stupid things because of their cunning, or even lose their lives. The fox of the story like our humans, they think they are smart, but they still made a stupid thing. Some people, for their own interests, they would rather do many things to hurt others, and also hurt themselves. For example, last month, when I went shopping at the checkout of the supermarket, there was a customer standing there, because he was suspected of stealing things. However, he did not admit he stole things. But the final evidence had been found, he hidden a bottle of shampoo, a few pens and a few sausages in his sleeve. Finally, he was taken away by the police. Although only a few worthless things, he hurt the interests of the supermarket. In fact, a greater degree he harmed himself. Is this worth?

In think, as long as we have some common sense, we should know that there is no free lunch in this world, and the sky will not fall out the pie. We have only derived through our own efforts to fight for what is our own, and not through other illegal channels to get the things we do not have to receive. Otherwise, the only harm themselves.

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