The Most Romantic Movies of 2019 Will Make You Fall In Love

By | October 7, 2019

Fall is the ultimate season for a romance movie, which means you’re probably craving a good love story right about now. Luckily, 2019 has not disappointed when it comes to films all about lurveee. We’ve picked out this year’s most romantic movies, so you don’t have to go searching =. Now, break out those tissues and prepare to set your relationship standards unrealistically high after obsessing over these fictional flings.

1. Always Be My Maybe

Netflix’s new original movie stars Ali Wong and Randall Park as long-lost childhood sweethearts who reunite as adults and obviously fall back in love. Sigh. Oh, and it also features Keanu Reeves as…Keanu Reeves. Here for it.

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2. What Men Want

Taraji P. Henson chugs a random liquid given to her by a psychic and can suddenly hear all men’s thoughts everywhere. That’s actually my worst nightmare, but this film isn’t. It’s got everything you need: a strong female lead, a brutal takedown of a male-dominated workplace and a good love story.

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3. Five Feet Apart

Gather allll the tissues. Five Feet Apart is about two cystic fibrosis patients (played by Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse) who fall in love, but are forced to keep a distance between them because of their illness. We told you—tissues.

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4. Long Shot

Seth Rogen plays a carefree, perpetually high journalist who is hired by his childhood crush (played by Charlize Theron) to be her speechwriter while she runs for president. Sparks begin to fly, a relationship ~blossoms~ and the Seths of the world are given hope that they too can land a Charlize.

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5. The Sun Is Also a Star

Based on the novel by Nicola Yoon, Charles Melton and Yara Shahidi play Daniel and Natasha, two teens who meet and fall in love only to soon be separated by Natasha’s family’s deportation. If it weren’t for Cami, we’d be shipping a Charles/Yara love IRL.

6. After

This film is literally based on Harry Styles fanfiction, and we are LIVING for it. Basically it’s a girl-meets-bad-boy, falls-in-love-and-tries-to-change-him story. You know the drill.

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7. The Last Summer

Another Netflix original, The Last Summer is about a group of high school students during their final summer before college. KJ Apa innocently chases after Good Trouble’s Maia Mitchell, and Tyler Posey plays a not-so-innocent baseball (and real-life) player.

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8. Aladdin

A *classic* love story you’ve probably seen, eh, once or twice. Only this time, it’s been entirely redone with a controversial CGI-job on Will Smith.

9. The Perfect Date

Noah Centineo plays an (unrealistically) unpopular high school boy who starts a dating service in order to save up for college. A foolproof plan…until he falls for girl who inspired his business. Rookie mistake.

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10. Yesterday

Imagine this. You’re a struggling musician who wakes up one day to find out you’re the only one who remembers The Beatles. You’d totally take advantage, right? That’s Yesterday, and there’s some romance in there, too.

11. Isn’t It Romantic

This movie is equal parts Liam Hemsworth fantasy come to life and a lesson about being too cynical. Rebel Wilson’s character wakes up in an alternate universe where she’s the star of her own IRL rom-com.

12. Last Christmas

Emilia Clarke + Henry Golding + Christmas = probably the best movie you’ll see this calendar year. Emilia plays Kate, who falls in love with Henry Golding’s Tom even though she has some serious emotional guards up.

Release date: November 8

13. Marriage Story

If you wanna watch a romantic movie and also wanna be caught up on awards season buzz, check out marriage story when it comes out in December. Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver are already the talk of Hollywood.

Release date: December 8

14. All the Bright Places

‘All the Bright Places’


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Set to come out later this year on Netflix, All the Bright Places stars Elle Fanning and Justice Smith as two teenagers who find each other during dark times and fall in love despite their different standings in the high school hierarchy. Another one you’ll def need tissues for.

Release date: 2019

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