Telehealth is the future but it is obscured by a dismal present [PODCAST]

By | October 21, 2020

“Will the unfavorable regulatory environment permit telehealth to flourish? Perforce we’re beginning to see a relaxation of restrictions that have hitherto obstructed progress.  Recently, federal officials approved interstate licensing, thereby prompting greater telehealth conversion, utilization, and expansion. Medicare’s 1135 Waiver is also encouraging, and, in as much as it serves the same ends, the Drug Enforcement Administration’s leave to prescribe via telemedicine without a prior in-person meeting is a  similarly promising development. In light of circumstances, anything that might reduce cost, improve delivery, and wrest control from bloated, dysfunctional health care systems is viable.”

David Hanekom is an internal medicine physician.

He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, “Telehealth is the future but it is obscured by a dismal present.”

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