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Why Do You Continue to Eat When You’re Full?

The premise that hunger makes food look more appealing is a widely held belief. Prior research studies have suggested that the hunger hormone ghrelin, which your body produces when it’s hungry, might act in your brain to trigger this behavior. New studies suggest that ghrelin might also work in your brain to make you keep… Read More »

Here’s a List of All the Hauliday Sales, So You’re Prepared for the 48-Hour Shopping Event

Anyone else miss the rush of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and kinda wish there was another online shopping extravaganza to look forward to? Well, do I have news for you! We—and by we I mean Cosmopolitan and Klarna!—are running Hauliday back for a second time. If you need a primer on what Hauliday is… Read More »

11 Germ-Spreading Items You’re Probably Carrying Right Now

Water bottles mimagephotography/Shutterstock Still carrying a plastic water bottle? According to Dr. Tierno, you might want to consider switching to metal. “Metal can be inhibitory to bacterial growth,” he says. “Plastic may allow microorganisms to adhere, build up, and create a biofilm, which encourages their growth.” Although not all of these germs can cause disease,… Read More »