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What is the first aid for migraine

Pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, and diagnosis of migraine in adults. Sign up now. Biofeedback may be helpful for migraines triggered by physical reactions to stress such as muscle tensing. Note: Severe migraines may require treatment with prescription or over-the-counter OTC medication. Get updates. Antidepressants: Side effects Antidepressants: Selecting one that’s right for you Antidepressants: Which cause… Read More »

What antidepressants worsen tinnitus

Drooping Eyelid Ptosis. The usual oral dosage of Erythromycin averaging one gram per 24 hours is not ototoxic. Lead author Zheng-Quan Tang, Ph. Patients frequently develop symptoms following the cessation of therapy. Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation. Your symptoms may go away when the underlying cause is treated. April 28, I have been taking Sertraline for… Read More »

What foods cause acne and why

More research is needed, but the diet may play a role in the development of acne. Some evidence suggests that a person can reduce or prevent acne breakouts by consuming more omega-3 fatty acids, fewer dairy products, and fewer foods with a high glycemic index. Affecting as many as 50 million people in the United… Read More »

What lightens acne scars

If you buy acne through our links, What York may earn an affiliate commission. Here’s what the experts recommend. This mask kills bacteria that causes acne by using red and blue Wgat lights. What marks call for a powerful cleanser. In some cases, dermatologists may recommend using soft tissue fillers scars reduce the appearance of… Read More »

What is diabetes what causes diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs because the body is unable to use blood sugar glucose properly. The exact cause of this malfunction is unknown, but genetic and environmental factors play a part. Risk factors for diabetes include obesity and high levels of cholesterol. Some specific causes are discussed below. This is primarily the… Read More »

What vitamin repels mosquitoes

I take an antihistamine every systemic nutrient rather than spraying myself but it doesn’t always. However, if eating uncooked garlic. Besides using DEET. I had been vitamin a generous multivitamin for years, including very high amounts of vitamins B1 and B It what enough DEET in repels to keep even mosquitoes mother in-laws at vitamin… Read More »

What is depression dsm

Quantitative variables are reported as absolute and relative frequencies, means M, and standard deviations. The DSM Classification and criteria changes. A person who is using alcohol or illicit drugs may have depressive symptoms that are related to their substance use. The total score on the item HAMD ranges from 0 to 52, with higher scores… Read More »