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Fit Summer week four: If you want to be truly fit, just follow my food rules. You will be amazed at how your life will improve

Over the Fit Summer series we chatted about the diet industry being lucrative and it’s true. A study has shown that on average it will cost a person €90 to €180 to lose two pounds while attending a slimming group. hen we consider the multiple attempts people make, some end up spending thousands of euro… Read More »

So You Want to End the Conversation?

Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story Science Times So You Want to End the Conversation? So do most people, a recent study found. Plus: amblypigids, a company called Covid, and other staff recommendations in the weekend edition of the Science Times newsletter. Credit…Scott McIntyre for The New York… Read More »

Ask the doctor: I drink eight bottles of wine a week and I want to quit. Should I cut down gradually or go cold turkey?

Q: I drink a lot, far more than the recommended amount and have done so for about 10 years. I would easily put away eight bottles of wine a week, in addition to a couple of beers here and there and the odd whiskey. I have promised my wife I will address it but she… Read More »

I want Anzac Day on, says PM

The cap on Sydney’s Anzac Day march has been bumped from 500 to 5000, with up to 10,000 spectators, after Scott Morrison said he wants the commemoration to return to normal. RSL NSW had planned for a 500-person march in 2021 after traditional services and marches had to be cancelled last year due to COVID-19.… Read More »

Have hearing loss? Here’s why you may want to try auditory training

Sound comes to you through your ears, but it’s your brain that makes those sounds meaningful to you. If you have hearing loss, hearing aids and other devices will amplify sounds to make it easier to hear. However, your brain may still be struggling to interpret what you’re hearing, especially if you have age-related hearing loss.  … Read More »