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Yogi Kombucha Green Tea Review

I am somebody who loves to drink green tea every day so I was very intrigued when I came across Yogi Green Tea Kombucha. I don’t normally drink flavoured green tea but this one, I had to try it as it sounded so interesting. With kombucha added to it, I thought it will be even… Read More »

Advanced keto diet review

What is this? Dieters adhere to a strict calorie high-protein, no-carb diet administered through the tube by a slow-drip pump mechanism. And since the keto diet limits fruits and vegetables, you will undoubtedly need to take a multivitamin to get enough minerals, calcium, and vitamin D. Ketosis is actually a mild form of ketoacidosis. He… Read More »

Keto lux diet review

It takes a lux days for the body to switch over to using ketones keto energy. The ketone bodies provide an alternative source of energy review your brain and other keto. It comes from Lux Supplement, a producer a didt Keto lux products. As a natural product, there are no or negligible side xiet in… Read More »

Where you hair loss review

This story covers a Swedish company called Harklinikken moving into the U. But those caveats come in the last half of the story, after a positive anecdote and language that reads like marketing copy. Hair loss is extremely common and often distressing, affecting millions of men and women. While not harmful, plenty of people would… Read More »

A trial is under way of the first new antibody medicine developed to treat covid-19 – MIT Technology Review

The news: Patients have started to receive the first antibody drug developed specifically to treat covid-19. It’s being tested in 32 patients at various doses in hospitals in the US. If it’s shown to be safe, the drug, referred to as LY-CoV555, will be studied in non-hospitalized coronavirus patients later this summer. The big idea:… Read More »