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Who Is Reality Steve, the Man Behind All the Juicy ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers?

There is only one person who knows Bachelor Nation better than Chris “Somebody Save Me” Harrison, and it’s the man, the myth, the legend known as Reality Steve. This dude has accurately predicted almost every Bachelor winner since the dawn of time. He was instrumental in uncovering the truth behind this season’s Bachelorette mess, and… Read More »

Personalized Blood Flow Modeling Benefits from Virtual Reality Interface

Researchers at Duke University have developed a fluid dynamics simulator that can model blood flow within the body, including the motion of individual blood cells. The researchers hope that the system could eventually be used by clinicians to model blood flow for individual patients and help with treatment decisions, such as stent placement. By testing… Read More »

Reality TV Meets Crowdsourced Medicine in Netflix’s Diagnosis – WIRED

Before Angel exposed her health struggles to the internet, the 23-year-old woman had no idea what was happening to her body—only that it was in excruciating pain and producing urine the color of Coca-Cola. Her doctors couldn’t give her answers, and endless trips to specialists had left the Las Vegas nursing student on the brink… Read More »