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7 Body Language Secrets That Will Make You Look Powerful, According to an Expert

What you say can actually mean absolutely nothing unless your body is conveying body language that reflects what is coming out of your mouth. According to the Thirty, “Your body language can convey a lot, and you don’t have to say anything. Others might be able to tell you’re nervous, angry, or confident through how you’re standing… Read More »

Guy Sebastian’s powerful admission

Guy Sebastian has opened up about his personal experiences with mental health and his belief that society is in the midst of “a great depression”. The acclaimed singer reflected on the very modern challenges that people face, particularly children, and called for a greater focus on kindness. “I have had personal experience with mental health,… Read More »

Nurse Pens Powerful Post About Flu Shot

Facebook, Amanda Catherine Bitz, Ocober 7, 2019. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Flu Symptoms & Diagnosis.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Update: Influenza Activity — United States and Worldwide, May 19–September 28, 2019, and Composition of the 2020 Southern Hemisphere Influenza Vaccine.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Flu Treatment.” Centers for Disease… Read More »