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New vaccine delivery system starts in parts of California

SAN FRANCISCO — California’s new system of delivering, tracking and scheduling coronavirus vaccines is being rolled out in select counties, a first step in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to smooth out what has been a confusing and disjointed rollout hampered by limited national supply. Newsom announced last month that his administration had tapped insurer Blue… Read More »

Top Erogenous Zones to Make You Horny: Not Just Your Clitoris, Touch These Other Parts While Masturbating for an Intense Orgasm

Masturbation (Photo Credits: Unsplash) Who doesn’t love experiencing the most satisfying and intense orgasm while masturbating? And mind you, to experience this intense orgasm, you have to find some of the most pleasurable spots in your body and stimulate them enough to feel turned on. While it is given that women get turned on while… Read More »

Why We Store Fat In Different Parts Of Our Body & What To Do About It

“There are two types of fat; white fat cells and brown fat cells,” explains Joannah Pearce, nutritionist and body expert at Body Catalyst. “White fat cells typically accumulate in areas like the butt, thighs, abdomen, arms, and breasts. The function of these fat cells is to store energy as well as regulate our hormones.” “Brown fat cells, on the… Read More »