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In 6 Minutes, You Can Be Done With Your Workout

Video transcript Back bars 0:00/9:55 –9:55 transcript Well Challenge Workout This is Asmeret. She’s going to do today’s workout with you. There are four simple exercises. Jumping jacks, standing lunges, kneeling push-ups and plank. You’ll repeat them twice, giving you a total body workout. Each exercise is 30 seconds long. Do them at your own… Read More »

This leg workout with kettlebells takes only 20 minutes but it will make your booty burn

This leg workout is short but killer and will strengthen the big quads and hamstring muscles so your body becomes a fat-burning machine – with Daisy Malin from London’s W10 gym [embedded content] Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more free workout videos This week’s kettlebell workout is focused on strengthening your legs through a series of challenging… Read More »