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Why migraine left side

Sumatriptan is often effective for cluster headaches, particularly when given by injection. If you buy migraine through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. What does the pain feel like? You’re all set! See your doctor for headaches that are severe or that interfere with your life. Sleeping too little or… Read More »

The COVID-19 Bailout That’s Left Every Hospital Unhappy In Its Own Way

In the throes of the novel coronavirus outbreak in early April, Kenneth Raske, president of the powerful Greater New York Hospital Association, took his case for needing billions in federal relief funding to another New Yorker, well placed in the White House. The April 8 call with Jared Kushner lasted “probably 30 seconds.” After all,… Read More »

What causes chest pain on the left side?

A person should never ignore chest pain. If a person is experiencing chest pain on the left side of their body, this could indicate a heart attack or other medical conditions, such as a lung problem or inflammation of the lining around a person’s heart. This article will cover the potential causes and symptoms of… Read More »

'Fussy eater' (17) left blind and deaf after diet of chips, sausages and crisps

A teenager has been left blind and partially deaf after living off a diet of chips, sausages and crisps. The British 17-year-old’s diet was so bad he suffered from a condition normally only seen in malnourished third-world children. Researchers from Bristol Eye Hospital have published a report into the boy’s case, which believed to be the first… Read More »

‘How giving up sugar left me with headaches and mood swings — and one less chin’

When Hannah Verdier agreed to give up sugar, she was confident life would get sweeter. But the 46-year-old mum of two hadn’t reckoned on the rollercoaster of headaches , cravings and random naps she would have to go through first. Here’s her diary of how it went…. Week One It’s 3pm and I’m ready to… Read More »