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Dear Me, it won’t last forever: Study suggests writing letters to future self can lessen stress of COVID pandemic

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Health and Wellness Health Canada ‘It activates that sense that “This too shall pass, that this may be a really difficult time right now but I can get through difficult times” ‘ Author of the article: Tom Blackwell Publishing date: Feb 19, 2021  •  3 days ago  •  4 minute read A… Read More »

Providers’ rocky road to recovery could last into 2022

As health systems are set to start reporting their third quarter earnings results this week, new research highlights hospitals’ ongoing fears about financial viability, patient volumes and supply stocks. That’s as new hotspots in the Midwest report rising COVID-19 case loads and hospitals prepare for the pandemic to collide with flu season, potentially causing stress… Read More »

New research shows COVID-19 immunity may only last few months

An employee of the Bonn professional firefighters gives instructions to a man seeking a test for possible Covid-19 infection at a coronavirus testing station during the novel coronavirus pandemic on August 24, 2020 in Bonn, Germany. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/2020 Getty Images) In Hong Kong, new research confirms a man has contracted COVID-19 for the… Read More »

Belly fat how long will it last

Try taking a small meal, or atleast fruits between breakfast and lunch. Take black Coffee with coconut oil : It dilutes the effect of caffeine in the coffee and coconut is proven to be excellent source of good fat. What shall I do to lose belly fat? You need to concentrate on less fat nutritious… Read More »

Who should hair loss last

Because hair on the who you’ll notice more last than feel or look thinner than on the shower or bathroom fullness will return whould the. Women tend to lose more hair strands per day who. While our hair is incredibly important to us psychologically, physiologically and daily styling all play. Find out hair it means.… Read More »

When was the last flu epidemic

The flu was first observed in Europe, the United States and parts of Asia before swiftly spreading around the world. At the time, there were no effective drugs or vaccines to treat this killer flu strain. Citizens were ordered to wear masks, schools, theaters and businesses were shuttered and bodies piled up in makeshift morgues… Read More »