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Top Erogenous Zones to Make You Horny: Not Just Your Clitoris, Touch These Other Parts While Masturbating for an Intense Orgasm

Masturbation (Photo Credits: Unsplash) Who doesn’t love experiencing the most satisfying and intense orgasm while masturbating? And mind you, to experience this intense orgasm, you have to find some of the most pleasurable spots in your body and stimulate them enough to feel turned on. While it is given that women get turned on while… Read More »

Peloton Just Broke Its Record for Most People Streaming a Live Class

A bike ride of 23,000 people just happened, and it doesn’t even break social distancing measures. Peloton reports it set a company record on April 22 for the most people streaming a single live class, according to Bloomberg. The home-fitness cycling company reports about 23,000 people streamed a class lead by Peloton vice president and… Read More »

Taking aspirin just once a week could slash risk of some cancers by nearly 40 percent

Cancer can aggressively attack its host, even killing the people it invades. The old adage is prevention is better than cure. Now research points towards aspirin as one way to reduce your risk. In the Annals of Oncology journal, a peer-reviewed scientific body of work, the largest and most comprehensive analysis of the link between… Read More »

Canada sours on its drug system just as Trump looks to import from it

Just as the Trump administration is planning to let states import prescription drugs from Canada, the United States’s northern neighbors have grown impatient with their own high drug prices. Canada is enmeshed in a drug pricing war. Canadians are paying among the highest prices in the world for drugs, prompting lawmakers to consider a major… Read More »