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Ginger for Teens Puts “Full-family Approach” to Mental Health Care in Hands of Employers

Health in 2 Point 00 Jul 20, 2021• By JESSICA DaMASSA, WTF HEALTH Digital mental health unicorn Ginger has just launched ‘Ginger for Teens’ in an effort to help the 1-in-5 teens currently suffering from mental health disorders, amid what’s being called a “teen mental health crisis.” No doubt parents are at their wit’s end… Read More »

Farting, wiping dirty hands on furniture top horrid houseguest habits

Homeowners pass on gas. As COVID-era restrictions on meeting indoors finally ease worldwide, many people are likely struggling to remember how to behave at someone else’s home. Thankfully, a new survey has revealed the most-hated houseguest faux pas to avoid — which apparently include breaking wind and using furniture as a hand wipe. The poll… Read More »