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3 Covid-19 Trials Have Been Paused for Safety. That’s a Good Thing.

This week, two high-profile, late-stage clinical trials — Johnson & Johnson’s test of a coronavirus vaccine and Eli Lilly’s study of a Covid-19 drug — were put on pause because of possible safety concerns. Just a month earlier, AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial was paused after two volunteers became seriously ill. Clinical trials experts said these delays… Read More »

Any grains good for keto diet

The refined white stuff not only weighs in higher, at 53 g of total carbs, it has so little fiber that the net carbs end up being about However, these studies are weakened by their low hazard ratios and by the fact that many other epidemiology studies fail to confirm those finding. Click here to… Read More »

Keti diet good fat

Correspondance: Ketoacidosis during a low-carbohydrate diet. Use high heat oils for cooking that don’t break down into harmful components.. Some that may not be so obvious are beans, legumes, and most fruits. Research indicates that flax seeds and their oil may help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and degenerative brain diseases 7. Some varieties contain… Read More »

How to add good calories to diet

High-protein foods include meats, fish, eggs, many dairy products, legumes, nuts and others. It has a lot going for it, including the ability to help build muscle, burn fat, and even fight heart disease. If those same participants ate only calories above their maintenance calorie needs for the same duration, they would likely gain much… Read More »

Is an asian diet good for women

We all know that eating too much fat and oil is unhealthy good leads to weight gain. Holford says: “Most protein foods are seen as yang, carbohydrates as yin. The difference? Holford says: “Vegetables should make up half diet what’s on your plate in any given meal, so fr fits perfectly with the Chinese diet.… Read More »