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The WHO Didn’t Reverse Its Position on Kids and Covid Vaccines

“The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recently reversed its stance on children getting the Covid vaccine.” Instagram post, June 22, 2021 A social media post circulating on Facebook and Instagram claims that the World Health Organization recently flipped its policy recommendation about children receiving a covid-19 vaccine. “The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION recently reversed its stance on children… Read More »

GP mum ‘didn’t enjoy single day’ of pregnancy after suffering 3 miscarriages

This Mother’s Day, GP Anita Raja feels especially lucky to be celebrating with her seven-year-old son Nirvan and baby boy Rumi. In August, Rumi was born after seven years of heartache and miscarriages. Having lost three babies, the pregnancy was especially agonising for Anita, who worked on the NHS frontline until four days before her… Read More »

Canada didn’t need to lose 22,000 to COVID. Here’s what could have saved them

Breadcrumb Trail Links News Health Canada This month marks a full year since Canada saw its first major lockdowns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what we should have done differently Author of the article: Tristin Hopper Publishing date: Mar 10, 2021  •  37 minutes ago  •  3 minute read  •  49 Comments Article… Read More »