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Worker well-being on the decline amid pandemic, OptumHealth survey finds

A new study shows many still employed during the coronavirus pandemic have experienced worsened well-being, including in their mental health, social lives and finances. Fifty-one percent of the employees who took OptumHealth’s recent survey reported worse mental well-being, while 54% reported worse social well-being. The survey was released last week and included 500 employees from… Read More »

Study examines biomarkers, economic factors that may increase risk for cognitive decline

AMES, Iowa – An image of your retina may help Iowa State University researchers determine your risk for Alzheimer’s disease even before other symptoms are detectable. Numerous studies have shown the inner layer of the retina is thinner in people with Alzheimer’s disease. But what if a noninvasive scan could spot changes to the retina… Read More »

Cancer screening rates decline when patients see doctors later in day

Compared to patients who see their primary care doctor earlier in the day, cancer screening rates decline significantly as the day goes on, according to a new study from researchers in the Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School both of the University of Pennsylvania. The researchers, whose findings were published today in JAMA… Read More »