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Video calls for isolated NSW prisoners

Prisoners in NSW have been staying in touch with family and friends via video calls since visits were stopped as the coronavirus pandemic turned lives upside down. Corrective Services NSW Commissioner Peter Severin says the state’s 12,700 prisoners are getting more face time with their loved ones than they were in pre-pandemic times. More than… Read More »

Coronavirus: Calls for government to clarify face coverings in England

MPs have called for the government to clarify its position on face coverings, after the PM said a “stricter” approach to their use in England was needed. Senior sources have said the government is considering making face coverings mandatory in shops in England to slow the spread of coronavirus. Former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said… Read More »

Pulling Care Out of Hospital—By Phone, Ambulance, and Good Ol’ House Calls.

By REBECCA FOGG In the 20th century, hospitals completed their transformation from the hospice-like institutions of the Middle Ages, into large, gleaming centers of advanced medical expertise and technology that save and improve lives every day. But an unintended consequence of hospitals’ dazzling capabilities is a staggering cost burden that’s proving toxic to the American… Read More »