Study reveals bacon butties, burgers and hotdogs 'NOT linked to early deaths'

By | October 4, 2019

Bacon butties, burgers and hotdogs will not lead to early deaths, experts claim.

A scientific study of 54,000 people failed to find any link between red and processed meats and the risk of heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

And experts say it is safe to enjoy the foodstuffs three or four times a week in a balanced diet.

Lead author Dr Bradley Johnston, an epidemiologist at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada, says we can carry on happily eating red meat.

Writing in Annals Of Internal Medicine, he said: “Among 12 randomised controlled trials we did not find a statistically significant or an important association in the risk of cancer, heart disease or diabetes for those that consumed less red and processed meat.


“Given the increasing call for more robust evidence-based nutrition guidelines, we gathered a large international group of experts in nutrition and health results methodology to improve the quality of guidance.”

He added: “People that eat red and processed meat tend to enjoy it and are reluctant to change.

“Our bottom line recommendation, which is a weak recommendation based on low quality evidence, is for the majority of people – but not everyone – continuing their red and processed meat consumption is the right approach.”