Stock Market Expert George Kobiashvili Opens Up About the Investment Opportunities in India

By | February 29, 2020
Stock Market Expert George Kobiashvili Opens Up About the Investment Opportunities in India

Stock Market Expert George Kobiashvili (Photo Credits: File Photo)

Every newbie in the share market needs a person who is a past master in stock markets. George Kobiashvili, a popular expert and trainer in stick market investments recently had a business trip to Mumbai. He had a conference in the plush Hyatt Regency in the city where many of his local partners and social media followers came to discuss stock market investments and high returns on investment. Many of his partners including Faraz Malik, Muzzammil Eshan and Marie Tibels gave speeches about success and travel. While George’s speech had an emphasis majorly on investments and the best companies to invest in the present time.

In his speech, the expert spoke about the importance of diversification of the investments and why one should avoid high-risk operations by focusing on high earnings with safer operations. During his motivational speech on success and how to overcome obstacles in different situations, he said, “Upgrading the mindset is a key to success. If you don’t have the right mindset, your knowledge and information would be ineffective.“ His main motive behind a business visit to India was to examine investing conditions and opportunities for an investment of 500,000 US dollars in the country. An experience of more than 11 years in the field, he started investing with 3500 US dollars during his bachelor studies.

With a diverse knowledge about saving and investing, he is guiding many people on making the right investments. He also likes to motivate people and make them understand how to become a millionaire. To become a millionaire, he created a bunch of requirements and procedures like the assets to invest in. India needs to have investors and masterminds like George who can motivate many lower and middle-class families to grow. Such conferences and events can help the youth, in general, to initiate businesses and grow in the market. The government should organise such events all over India and invite investors to speak about business opportunities in the country which can help India become a key player in the global markets.

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