Some easy methods for weed control

By | August 29, 2018

It is an old gardener’s saying – “one year’s weed, seven year’s seed”. It means if you allow the weeds to grow for one year, they will not leave their place for the next seven years. Almost all garden owners or those who have a water body in their house face the problem of excessive weeds growth that harms the desired plantation. Water weeds are very slippery and heavy due to their water content and it is not easy for a person to go into the deep waters and pull the weeds out. Ultimately they have to use chemicals like herbicides to get rid of this harmful shrubbery. But these chemicals are not environmental friendly and can pollute the environment.

Weeds are not much different from the plants in terms of their requirements for survival. They can be destroyed by using simple home based remedies. Here are a few of such remedies which can be used for aqua weed control and plant weed killing.

• Watering your plants with boiled water – It may sound very time consuming especially for those who have large farms. It is, though, time consuming but it is one of the surest methods for avoiding the growth of plant weeds. There is no residue left in this technique and it is quite effective. If you have very large plantation covers, you can try applying boiled water to only those areas where the weed growth is high. For aqua weed control, you can use water purifiers and other water cleaning techniques to ensure regular cleaning of the pond. This technique is easy and least expensive but you should do it carefully. Do not pour boiling water straight away onto the plants as it may ruin them. Let it cool for some time and also save yourself with it as it may burn your skin.

• Cover the weed – The basic needs for the growth of the weeds is the same as required by the other plants. Sunlight is the essential nutrient that is required by them. You must have noticed that the part of the garden or the water body which is exposed more to the sunlight will have faster and thicker weed growth. So covering them can restrict their growth to a certain level and if done properly, it can also eliminate them from the root. You can do it by using a cloth or a few layers of a newspaper. Anything can be placed upon the plants but you should keep it in mind that it should not harm the other plants. It will also keep the soil moist for the benefit of other plants.

• Add vinegar – A spray of pure vinegar can very effectively kill the pond and plant weeds. For plants, it is recommended to use pure vinegar without diluting but if your plants are very delicate, you can mix it with liquid soap. This will make it milder but even more effective for killing the weeds. Vinegar is acidic in nature, so its quantity should be kept controlled as it may barren the soil.

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