Six Tips on How to start a Book?

By | January 22, 2019

For those who love creative writing and wish to write for earning in their leisure time or just to share their ideas with the wider world, here are a few tips to how to start a book?

  1. Selecting a Topic: Avid readers are faced with the problem of selecting the right topic to write upon. The most important thing while writing is the passion about it. What is the favorite topic of the writer? Cooking, Travelling, Football or whatever. Pick a topic which interests deeply. If someone wishes to write fiction, select a theme, choose the characters from real life and build them into unique situations. This is possible only when someone has experienced such things. A touch of reality is the road to success.
  2. Who’s going to read it? : The writer should ask this question to oneself like a discouraging friend because most of the people are often subjective about their passions. If the book is to gain popularity, always find out what the readers are expecting, what they will like and how they can be attracted to read the book. It is not necessary to write according to the wishes of the readers, but it should not be neglected. The craft of the writer lies in pulling the readers into the book with each passing paragraph. Also keep in mind the fact, who actually is going to read it. Professionals, specialists, children, women, adults or everyone.
  3. Title, what Title! : Many people are found hanging with the title. Leave it in the beginning if it is not flashing. The content is more important than the form. One can give the title later on.
  4. Attracting the Readers: Write a captivating description for the flaps or introduction of the book. It should not look academic. Use stylistic language and draw the readers into the book by starting the paragraphs and sentences with attractive phrases.
  5. Stun the Readers: One might not be able to do so by the craft of writing in the first attempt but by providing interesting facts, interesting characters, sudden pauses and abrupt endings, one can actually impress the readers. Such methods are also being used in the cinema these days.
  6. Pen or PC: This is an important choice. Researches show that a person is actually capable of retaining the creative potential even while working on the keyboard. This is a matter of choice. Try it both ways. Select and proceed with what suits. Pen is the most obvious choice although.

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