Six-Step Process for Writing Anthropology and Genetic Engineering Essays

By | August 16, 2018

University students are typically required to write and submit certain academic compositions, which may include anthropology and genetic engineering essays. Writing such compositions looks easy to do, but actually doing so could prove to be very challenging. Some students may find it hard to compose genetic engineering and anthropology essays, not just because of the complexities of the subjects, but also because they fail to find an effective process for writing such compositions.

Thus for students to have some guide for writing his anthropology and genetic engineering essays, here is a suggested writing process they could use.

  1. Choose a viable and suitable essay topic. The first rule of thumb when choosing a topic for your genetic engineering or anthropology essays is that it should be relevant to the subject. Thus when an anthropology student chooses a topic, it should be according to his field. The same is true for a student who is tasked to write genetic engineering essays. Other factors that a student should consider when choosing an essay topic is his existing knowledge; his desire to discuss it; his ability to take it; as well as the feasibility of completing the composition on time.

  1. Think of relevant ideas. If a student does not have any relevant idea about his chosen topic, then he would not be able create a suitable content for his genetic engineering or anthropology essays. Writing anthropology and genetic engineering essays requires the student to create content; and that means he needs to power up his mind and secure of ideas that would allow him to discuss and tackle his chosen topic.

  1. Gather relevant information. When writing genetic engineering and anthropology essays, a student should remind himself not to overindulge with his own ideas. Although his ideas are an important ingredient for the composition, they would not be enough – especially if he is dealing with anthropology and genetic engineering essays. Information gathered from trustworthy sources makes a written piece more reliable and credible.

  1. Organise the essay contents. Disorganised genetic engineering or anthropology essays typically do not make sense to the reader. The compositions would be hard to read and hard to understand. Try to organise the contents of your anthropology and genetic engineering essays by drafting an outline.

  1. Write the essay. This refers to actual composition of the anthropology or genetic engineering essays. It is important that when a student writes his essay, he should follow what is in his drafted outline.

  1. Edit the composition. The writing process for anthropology and genetic engineering essays is not yet complete until the student makes sure that it is of quality. Quality control is done by thoroughly editing and proofreading the essay

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