Radio Marketing Strategies: Tips on Preparing for Your First Author Interview

By | September 10, 2018

Advertising always entails some strategizing. Whether you are opting for a simple book marketing campaign or aiming for a more ambitious one, you need to have a strategy on hand to ensure the best results. The same holds true when it comes to radio marketing advertising.

Author interviews are common among writers who wish to promote themselves to a massive audience. Unlike other types of advertising, which rely mostly on visuals to express their message, radio exclusively requires an audio presentation. They are usually easier to book and attend, for the reason that authors would not need to travel someplace else to conduct the interview. Instead, they can opt to do a remote interview, interacting with thousands of listeners all from the privacy of their own homes.

Its relatively simple format doesn’t mean however that you should be taking things easy when you do get invited on a radio show for your very first author interview. Any expert marketing consultant would advise you to do your homework first before taking advantage of advertising services. Similarly, you should first research about what it is you need to do before and during these kinds of events to ensure that you make a good impression on the listeners.

Take heed of the following hints:

  • You only have a short amount of time to express your message; in that period, you must be able to articulate whatever it is you want to say. Come up with a list of questions that your host or listeners may ask you and prepare your responses to them beforehand.
  • During call-in interviews, wherein people get to phone in and interact with you, remember to take down notes while your listeners are speaking. Write down their names and address them correctly when you respond to them. Be sure, though, to keep your answers short and sweet.
  • Provide your listeners with lots of information, but don’t give them all the details. You don’t want to leave them gasping for air from being overwhelmed with too much information. It is sufficient that you provide them with some good reasons why they should purchase your book.
  • How you project your voice is also essential here. It is not enough to speak like how you usually do or your voice will not be able to carry over the airwaves and your message might get lost on your listeners. Speak in a slow and careful manner and be sure to add some inflection; at all costs, avoid being monotone.
  • Inform the host before the show if you have a personal website or blog through which your listeners can learn more about you. The host may choose to promote your site themselves during the segment, so you won’t need to.
  • Conclude the interview by thanking the host and the show’s producers for having you on their show. A handwritten thank-you note sent a day after the show is also a good idea.  It helps to create a pleasant professional relationship with these people for networking purposes.

Radio is just one channel you can use in your aim to create some buzz about yourself and your work. There are many more marketing services out there which can work just as well for you.

Do not be afraid to explore!

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