Nuts To You

By | June 29, 2020

The nutrition world is being turned upside down because of a controversy on the number of calories in almonds. It turns out that the calorie guides have overstated the number of calories almonds and many other nuts. This is because all of the calories in a nut are not digested and therefore do not count in your calculations about the calories in your diet. In other words they are overstating the calories in the nut.


This revelation has led to having many experts dispute the accuracy of calorie counts from other foods. Our position on this subject has not changed. We do not advocate calorie counting as a tool in a weight loss diet. Instead we recommend a diet high in nutritious whole foods and low in empty calorie “junk” foods. Eat this way and do not overeat. Stop eating when your hunger has been satisfied.


Do this and you will lose weight. look better and feel better.