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The Nigerian Stock Exchange was incorporated in 1960 and commenced operations in 1961. It is a non-profit making organization, limited by Guarantee. Therefore, it has no share capital. The watchword of the Nigerian Stock Exchange is INTEGRITY. One of the major challenges facing the Nigerian Stock Exchange since inception is the need to expand the individual shareholders’ base through sustained public enlightenment programme. This is to address the abysmal low level of individual shareholders in Nigeria, which is just over four million. In addressing this challenge, the Nigerian Stock Exchange evolved a mix of initiatives aimed at creating awareness on the benefits of investment in stocks and bonds. One of the programmes is ANNUAL NATIONAL ESSAY COMPETITION for Secondary school and Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. The competition was instituted in 1999 to integrate the youths with the capital market operations.

Essentially, the programme aims at producing a well-rounded student who inspite of his academic attainment appreciated the benefits of medium and longterm investment at a tender age. This is in the spirit of CATCH THEM YOUNG.


This landmark initiative is hinged on the following cardinal objectives:

1. To expose the young ones to the operations of the stock market;

2. To develop culture of medium and long term investment among the youths;

3. To expose the students to career choice in securities market and related profession;

4. To fill some gaps between school curriculum and practical approach to investment in

securities market.

The competition commenced in 2000. The maiden edition was limited to Lagos state in order to serve as a pilot test for subsequent competition nationwide. It was very successful as over 1,200 entries were received from over 100 secondary schools and four tertiary institutions in the state. The second edition (2001) had a national outlook as over 4000 students participated from secondary schools nationwide while 300 students participated in the tertiary institutions category.

Today, the competition has been attracting entries from all the states of the federation and Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). This symbolizes its national acceptability. Looking at the statistics of all the secondary schools and tertiary institutions in Nigeria with the number of students in each school, it shows that the entries are still very poor.


In line with the philosophy of the competition, winners are given ordinary shares of quoted companies as substitute for cash. Other prizes include certificates of merit, plagues and trophies (for the institutions of star winners only). You will be given a stock broker who will be providing services to you when you want to sell or buy shares. A CSCS account will also be opened for you free of charge. Winners are categorized into Star winners, National winners, and State winners.


If you graduate from the university with 2.1 (2nd class upper) or upper credit from the Polytechnic, apply to Access Bank Plc attaching your certificate of merit from the Nigerian Stock Exchange. You will be employed and no question will be asked.


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