My Trip To Israel

By | September 6, 2018

Hi all ! Just wanted to share with you a wonderful experience I had this summer: My trip to Israel ! It was a childhood dream of mine to visit Israel. Maybe I’ts because I’m half Jewish (Mom) and Half Irish. As a child we celebrated both Christian and Jewish holidays. My mom told me that by the “Halacha” (the Jewish law) I am considered Jewish . Jewish or not , I always wanted to explore my roots. Before my trip to Israel I was a bit confused , and didn’t really know what to relate to . As a child , I was raised at a Christian surrounding and a big part of me always wanted to be more connected to the jewish world and the jewish tradition. Although I was celebrating Hanukkah , Yom Kippur , Rosh Hashanah at our large Jewish community , it was not really enough for me. I wanted to know more and especially to feel more , and by that thought I always knew that I would visit Israel no matter what . The opportunity came this summer with a program called “Taglit” that is also called Birthright . This is a program that gathers around young Jewish people around the world that didn’t visit Israel and send them in an organized trip to see all of Israel ,in a purpose to learn more about the Jewish culture and the Jewish state. This program is free (!!!) for people that I’ts their first time to Israel. The visit was fantastic and beyond all imagination! During the trip I met an Israeli guy and we’ve been in touch for the last few weeks. He invited me to come to Tel-Aviv and to make Aliyah. I am taking this thought very seriously and will decide soon!

Thanks for taking the time and I wish all of you a great year , and don’t think twice about visiting Israel!

Sara Cohen , LA

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