Men’s Health Week 2020: Why Drinking Too Much Alcohol Makes You Feel Depressed and Anxious!

By | June 15, 2020

Every time you wake up after a night of heavy drinking, you feel like crap. But sometimes, the aftermath of heavy alcohol leaves you with more than just a bad hangover. While people generally drink to lift their spirits, heavy drinking can leave you stressed, anxious, or plagued with guilt. How many times did you wake up wondering if you said something offensive? Drinking too much alcohol can make you feel out of control. Alcohol is not easy for your body to process, which means that you will naturally feel fatigued and stressed. Here’s why heavy drinking makes you feel depressed.

Alcohol Ruins Your Sleep

Consuming too much alcohol can throw your entire sleep cycle out of balance. Sleep recharges you, and lack of sleep can trigger the same brain mechanisms that make us sensitive to anxiety to and depression. You automatically wake up depressed with low energy when you do not get enough sleep at night. Alcohol Abuse in Young Adults and Its Impact on Heart Health.

Alcohol Aggravates Your Depressive Feelings

Although you may like to believe that booze can make you feel happy, but according to research, the opposite is true. Drinking affects the neurotransmitters that regulate mood and behaviour. Alcohol binds to receptors in your brain that initially makes you feel good, but the effect doesn’t last. People Facing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms Require Medical Attention: Experts.

People with preexisting mental health conditions can feel worse with excessive drinking. So if you turn to alcohol when you are unhappy, you will still be upset once the alcohol wears off. How to Safely Stop Drinking During Lockdown? MoHFW Releases Video Highlighting Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms, Tips to Tackle The Issue.

Tally how often you suffer negative consequences due to heavy drinking. You will want to seek medical help if you continually find yourself struggling with depression or you are regularly getting into fights after guzzling beers.

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