Lucky Colours for 2020: Hues For New Year That Will Attract Positive Energy and Make You The Happiest According To Science!

By | December 31, 2019
Lucky Colours for 2020: Hues For New Year That Will Attract Positive Energy and Make You The Happiest According To Science!

Colour Palette (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Every colour brings along different energy. For instance, yellow brings radiance, and oranges bring warmth and cheer. Using colour consciously can enhance your life in a lot of ways. So whether you wear it, decorate with it, write with it or paint with you, make sure that you use these colours more generously this New Year.  Here’s how you can tap into the power of colour to feel calmer, happier and more inspired this New Year.

1. White for Purity

White is all about new beginnings, innocence and purity. The colour white itself stands for goodness and protection, to name a few. White also paints a happy medium that leaves you feeling clean. A study conducted by the University of Florida concluded that white reflected radiant energy. Zodiac-based Essential Oils: Nourish Your Soul With Positive Vibes, Explains Energy Expert Shradha Salla!

2. Yellow for Happiness

Yellow can be excellent to brighten your mood and up your energy levels. Yellow can catch the rays from the sun and leave you with an uplifting feeling of liveliness and joy. Yellow is also one of the most influential psychological colours that you might want to opt to stimulate your creativity.  A study performed by the Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences also linked the colour yellow to focus and attention.

3. Green for Relaxation

Want to feel more upbeat? Bring in the colours of spring this New Year. In a study performed by the Vrije University in Amsterdam, adults reported feeling relaxed and happier around the colour green. When it comes to your home decor, green can be an especially good pick to brighten rooms with mostly neutral tones. Feng Shui Tips for Couples: 7 Ways to Attract Love and Romance in Your Bedroom

4. Pink for Romance

Pink can have a calming effect on your nerves and help relieve feelings for aggression, anger and neglect. Pink can also promote feelings of love and playfulness. According to a study published in the journal Front Psychology, women tend to wear pink when they are in love or when they want to establish a romantic connection with someone. Body Positivity, FTW! Ali Tate Cutler, Victoria’s Secret’s First Size 14 Model Is Winning Hearts on the Internet; Check Out Hot Pics of Lingerie Model

5. Blue for De-Stressing

Blue, which is the colour of the sky and the ocean establishes calm. It can help you feel centred, relaxed and serene almost instantly. A study performed in the Creighton University found that people who faced difficult tasks felt less anxious after they saw something blue.  When you are opting for blue, stick to the light hues as the stronger shades can have a stimulating effect.

6. Red for Energy Boost

Red may appear dark and moody, but it can make you feel more energetic by pumping out more adrenaline. A British study found that Olympic athletes wearing red won significantly more than their opponents who wore other colours. So if you want to feel inspired, add a touch of red here and there. Maybe you can wear red accessories or place a bunch of red flowers in your centre table.

So there you have it. Colour is like music. It is nourishing and uplifting. The more colours you harmoniously absorb throughout the day, the higher will be your sense of well-being.

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