Jaipur Literature Festival 2012

By | February 26, 2019

Jaipur: With literature festival to raise its curtains after two days, the host as well as the production teams are immersed putting their 100 percent efforts in digging out the best. Salman Rushdie’s arrival must have created controversy all through but it seems it has made less effect on the deaf ears.

With festival becoming grander and bigger every year the space inside Diggi Palace too has been increased. The arrangements have also been changed and placed differently like that in last year.This year near about 20,000 guests will be attending Diggi . Hosts are busy beautifying the venue. And its looking not less than a bride.

The Music Stage will be like last year in the separate lawn, to widen the space horse stable has been extended and removed to explore more of the free space.Jaipur Literature Festival 2012,the organisers have introduced some changes in terms of providing parking facilities and making registration process more transparent and friendly.

Special cabs will be available to carry the elderly and physically challenged to the venue.

Vehicles could be parked inside the Soochana Kendra and Maharanis College and no parking would be allowed at the venue.

However this time security has been beefed up, not only cctv cameras will be placed at the venue but number of police officials too will be deployed in and around, security arreangrments as the city will be dotted with high authors for nearly a week.

Sonjoy Roy Producer of Teamwork and one of the main organizers of Jaipur literature festival told jaipur.co, “This year the themes of the event has been widened up with more and more authors coming in globally. The themes have been constructed keeping the young and old in mind

Jyotika Diggi owner of Diggi Palace told jaipur.co, ” We are beautifying Diggi Place like a pride for our guests who will be coming here. The 5 day festival will be bigger and this time many more convenience facilities has been increased for our esteemed guests, which includes, media, authors etc”

Oprah Winfrey is on her maiden visit to India. She is scheduled to attend the Jaipur Literature Festival, and is mainly is in India  to shoot for her new show “Next Chapter” .

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