How to sleep: Medical expert shares five tips to get a good night’s sleep

By | March 7, 2021

Medical herbalist Dr Etheridge is keen to help the nation achieve regular, good-quality sleep – otherwise, health problems could arise from the lack of shut-eye. What are his tips?

What will be, will be

The first piece of advice from the integrated health specialist is “don’t force it”. “This is a strange period we are living through, and you may experience a slight alteration to your sleep as a consequence,” he said.

“We all know the more we tell ourselves to sleep the more it doesn’t happen.

“If you have been lying in bed for a while and haven’t fallen asleep, don’t force it.

“Get up, get some water and distract yourself by doing something relaxing like reading, then try again.”

What are Dr Etheridge’s credentials?

Dr Etheridge gained a PhD in medicinal chemistry from Imperial College, London, and has lectured at universities across the UK ever since.

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A problem shared is a problem halved

To keep tumbling thoughts at bay, he recommended sharing your concerns with trusted loved ones during the day.

“Friends may have advice, or simply just airing your feelings can make you feel better,” he said.

“You may find many others may share the same views or worries,” he added.

Get moving

While making good use of daylight hours, Dr Etheridge also stated the benefits of exercise.

Me time

It’s also important to carve out some down time before preparing for bedtime.

“Make sure you put aside some time for yourself each day, even if only 10 minutes,” Dr Etheridge said.

“Try to incorporate something you love into each day,” he suggested, which will be unique to each person.

If you’re still struggling with sleep troubles and you’d like more support, Dr Ethridge encouraged people to speak to their GP.

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