How to find more customers for your Fitness Studio

By | April 11, 2020

How to find more customers for your Fitness Studio
How to find more customers for your Fitness Studio

How to find more customers for your Fitness Studio : Despite the number of customers you have at the moment, the trick in running a fitness studio is to keep finding more customers. Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the number of customers. However, there is high competition in the market, with each trying their best to attract customers. A fitness studio, just like any other business, can only thrive if you have many customers.

For this reason, it is only wise that you put your best foot forward and embark on finding more customers. Let’s take a look into how to find more customers for your fitness studio.

Multi-channel marketing

Technology has revolutionized marketing for all businesses, which means that your creativity and efforts will determine how many customers you find. Social media is the best small business marketing tool that you can use at the moment to sell your brand and attract more customers. Once you come up with offers for customers, use all popular social media platforms to reach as potential customers and also do customer communication with your current clients on changes and upgrades you have made.

While doing multi-channel marketing, be sure to do text message marketing. For the fact that the majority of customers you are likely to attract are adults, who still rely on conventional ways of communication such as texting, SMS marketing will be a great way of reaching out to them market your brand. Sending bulk messages is cheaper and an ideal way of business text messaging and customer communication. With text message marketing, you are sure that you have reached as many potential clients as possible, including those who worship social media.

Use fitness management software

Improving fitness management and customer experience is another perfect way of finding more customers, and this you can quickly achieve by using studio management software. Running a fitness studio all by yourself can be quite hectic with a lot of errors. These errors and setbacks are what keep clients off rather than attracting them. Using a good studio scheduling software such as gymcatch can turn the numbers around and see you get more clients than usual. The fitness instructor software offers clients an online booking system, thus improving customer experience by allowing them to log in online and book fitness classes from anywhere without having to be present at the studio.

Set up a referral program

While you strive to sell your brand and services out there through small business marketing tools and platforms, your clients can also do marketing for you. Recommendations from your customers goes a long way into finding more customers. To make it more efficient, it is better to set up a referral program and offer incentives to your clients. The best motivation is to provide free fitness classes or sessions to whoever brings a certain number of customers. Through the fitness instructor software, you can create referral links for your customers to refer others, and once the new customer enrolls, their free class is scheduled automatically.

Offer free classes

People love offers and free services which could work to your advantage. When customers are looking for a good fitness studio to enroll, they check pricing, location, equipment, and working hours. There is no way a potential customer will know how good your fitness studio is until they try it out, and the perfect way to go about this is to offer free classes. Offer free courses to anyone willing and let them get a first-hand experience of the services you offer. The first interaction speaks volumes and will determine whether the customer will enroll in your fitness studio or not. Be sure to impress.

While at it, ensure you take their contact and continue with SMS marketing as you follow up on their interest to enroll at your studio.

Have late hour fitness classes

People are working late these days than before, which means most customers will be available during late hours. Not all studios have discovered this trick, and if you utilize it, you could find more customers than you anticipated. Stretch your working hours to around 10 pm, or 11 am to appeal to those working late. Through the booking system in the fitness instructor software, customers can book fitness sessions late in the night without having to worry about creating time.

Offer classes for all

You need to understand that customers are at different fitness skill levels, which is why it is essential to cater to the needs of all. Offer fitness classes and amenities for all, and the next time one or two mums will bring along their son, daughter, or husband. Through good scheduling software such as gymcatch, you can categorize classes for your customers based on skill levels and experience. You will be surprised by how many more customers you will find since most fitness studios do not offer this.

As you endeavor to find more customers for your fitness studio, do not forget to meet the needs of your current customers as their reviews on the quality of services you offer will have an impact on the number of customers you get to enroll and keep.

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How to find more customers for your Fitness Studio

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