How to Begin a Book? : Some basic Tips

By | March 1, 2019

Without beating around the bush, let’s get straight to the point. How to begin a book? Well, writing a book is something like cooking a good meal or playing a soccer match. Yes, indeed it is like that. This analogy has been drawn to make the process of writing a book look easier. Here are the steps that one can follow before beginning to write a book.

  1. The Subject: What is the book about? Is it informative? Is it argumentative? Is it an explanation of some subject or is it a bit of everything? The subject of the book should be clearly defined not just to the reader but to the writer himself.
  1. Researching the Subject matter: Even if one is an expert in a particular area, she or he needs to prepare extensively to bring out the best results. Even the best writers look for the styles and approaches followed by the other writers. They analyze such points and prepare a mindset of their own. It is also important to browse as much material as possible so as to avoid repetition and maintain the uniqueness of the matter.
  1. Target Group: There are books that are specialized on particular subjects. There are subjects that are not of interest to everyone and there are subjects that need to be simplified to the readers. The writer should clearly demarcate the boundaries of the reading group. Books that target the general readers cannot have too many technical terms or complicated language, while on the other hand, books that have to deal with a topic in detail need to be focused on the topic so that the readers are able to find something unique and at the same time grab the point of view of the writer.
  1. Language: The language of the book cannot be the same for all reader groups. It will also depend upon the length of the subject matter and the way of presentation chosen. Depending upon the target country, the language should be varied t include the colloquial phrases and terms to make an interesting reading.
  1. Structure: The structure of the matter is one of the most important aspects of book writing. Books on science can be written in a narrative style; those on history can make use of graphs and statistics etc. This aspect demand creativity on the part of the writer.

These are just a few tips on writing a book; in fact there are many books on how to write a book that one can refer to.

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