Here’s Why You Should Eat Bananas, According to Science

By | July 27, 2021

It’s hard to imagine what the perfect diet looks like. We’d like to think there’s not one perfect food out there that can make our mix of carbs, protein, and fat plus a decent caloric intake any better than something else. There is, however, a type of food that we should include in our every day eating and that is something that is healthy for our gut. One food that we eat solo, on top of a sweet breakfast, or even in a fun dessert is the banana. The banana is the perfect food to include in a healthy diet and there are several reasons why. If you are allergic, there are a number of foods you can replace with the banana. We decided to take a deeper dive into what the banana can do for our gut health, diet, and beyond. Keep reading for more!

Image: Deon Black via Unsplash

Here’s Why You Should Eat Bananas, According to Science

According to Eat This, Not That, the banana is the world’s most favorite fruit! It appears all over the world and is so versatile in what you can make with it. It has plenty of powerful nutrients that do more than just provide a great amount of carbohydrates for the day. Bananas are known to reduce bloating, which causes inflammation in the body. It also increases the amount of short-chain fatty acids you have in your gut microbiome. When you eat a banana, it doesn’t quite digest in your small intestine, so it is slowly absorbed which allows for the body to grow microbes in your digestive tract that benefit you greatly. This leads to the prevention of chronic diseases that include digestive disorders!

Bananas also have electrolytes in them like potassium that you lose when you exercise or are having an upset stomach. Eat bananas next time you have a belly ache! We love the banana for all it’s health benefits and more!

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