Ghost Hunting At Tatton Old Hall With Simply Ghost Nights

By | September 19, 2018

Once again we at Simply Ghost Nights must send our deepest thank you to Mike the curator of Tatton Old Hall , who selflessly helped make the event run so smoothly, Mike gave all of us an informed history of the area and buildings to our group of ghost hunters.

Tatton Old Hall must be one of the most tranquil and scenic venues to hold a ghost event due to the beautiful scenery on the drive upto the Old Hall, the grazing deer that are literally an arm lengths away from your car as you approach the Old Hall. With this in mind would the spirits be as preoccupied as we were on our drive through to the Old hall, the answer was a resounding no, as the activity the spirits served up for us at Tatton Old Hall was simply amazing on this ghost night event.

In the Great Hall one group experienced some excellent glass divination when communicating with the spirit of Tom, and Tom informed the group that he had lived in the area in the 19th century. Also several ghost hunters in the group the experienced sensations of having their hair stroked. Another occurrence some of ghost hunters felt was as if their clothes were been pulled too, with no one in close proximity to them.

In the Great Hall to Sam, Joanne’s and Lees bewilderment the table tipped at an alarming rate in a table tipping experiment, the table tipped up onto two legs and twisted as well. This also was also witnessed by a staggered Linda and Janet who were totally amazed by what they were seeing.

Hazel, Andrew, Mark and Sally were taking part in a ouija board experiment and making spirit contact with a female spirit called Jane who informed the group that she had lived in the Old hall when it was used as cottages and one of the cottages had been her home. The group attained further personal

information from the ghostly inhabitant of Tatton Old Hall, Jane informed the group that she had indeed given birth to five children and that two had died in child birth, this disclosure did in fact give many of our ghost hunters a pause for thought.

In the smaller bedroom area of the Tatton a group were holding a ouija board experiment with the spirit of a little boy who unfortunately could not spell his name correctly due to him being illiterate as were many children in the days before state schools and full time education. However this did not stop the group ascertaining further information from the spectral child of the Old Hall, through the process of yes and no.

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